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Websites for Educators and Digital Entrepreneurs

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Websites for Educators and Digital Entrepreneurs

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Conor created a stylish and beautiful website for promoting my mindfulness retreat before. He also created a professional website about my research and qualifications. I got a lot of good feedback about these two websites, which helped me connect with like-minded people. Thanks Conor, for your hard work!

Dr. Yau Yon Wong

Mindfulness Instructor

Showcase Your Skills to the World and Gain the Credibility You’ve Earned

Your website is your online face to the world. You want to make sure your site showcases your expertise and speaks to those who can benefit from all you’ve learned. You’ve spent years researching and studying to gain valuable insights that the world needs. I want to make sure you have a stunning and professional website which allows you to share that work with others; both to collaborate and to help them on their own journeys.

Here’s what writer and podcaster Jonathan had to say about working with me:

A Professional Website Gives you Credibility

Every website is designed to be both beautiful and to showcase your expertise. All sites are fully responsive and look just as great on mobile phones as they do on desktop. With more than 50% of web traffic now coming from smart phones this is crucial for your visibility.

Landing Pages for your Services

Having dedicated pages written just for your individual services will help you get more customers and build your online influence. Whether it’s a lead magnet for your newsletter, a 1-on-1 teaching service, or a learning cohort having a page structured just for this will grow your signups on auto-pilot while you sleep.

Hosting, Maintenance, and Security

Quality hosting is crucial for the loading speed of your website and for security. By offering top of the line security, along with daily backups of your site, you can sleep safely knowing that your website is always working hard for you 24/7.

Your Website Opens Many Doors For You

When Dr. Rhoda Wong first came to me she had finished her PhD in Education and wanted to showcase her skills to attract new opportunites. On top of this she had a life long passion for mindfulness and meditation that she wanted to grow.

I was able to build her a modern website that blended her professional credentials with her unique expertise in meditation to attract more like-minded professionals. This allowed her to network with others in her field and even launch a successful mindfulness retreat in Thailand.

Having a stylish modern website can open many opportunities and help you connect with those who will benefit from your own unique expertise.

Here’s the Process:

We Get on a Call

First, we’ll jump on a Zoom call and make sure that we’re both on the same page for what you want from your website. I’ll ask you a few questions about your work and interests and who you want to reach with you new site. This way we can make sure your new website is tailored to your unique needs and requirements.

Gather all Photos and Documents

Once we’ve spoken I’ll have a clear idea for the vision of your site and I’ll need any necessary photos and documents you may already have. Once I have these I’ll begin building and designing the site. I’ll check in with you half-way through to ensure that the style I’ve drafted is exactly what you’re looking for.

Your Website Goes Live!

I’ll have one last check-in with you once the site is complete and then your website will go live on the internet! I’ll also make sure that any other third party applications (such as email providers or any others) are fully integrated and functioning perfectly. I’ll be available if you ever need any ongoing assitance too.

People I’ve Helped

Kenneth Tobin's website designed by Flynn Designs

Dr. Kenneth Tobin

Professor Tobin is currently the Presidential Professor Emeritus of Urban Education at the Graduate Center at CUNY in New York City. At his stage in his career Dr. Tobin wanted to be able to showcase his unique accomplishments, as well as his research and knowledge, with the wider world. I was able to help him create a modern website which helped him to clearly communicate his research and interests with colleagues and aspiring students. Click here to see the live site.

Rhoda Wong's website designed by Flynn Designs

Dr. Rhoda Wong

Dr. Rhoda Wong recently completed her PhD in science education with research focused on mindfulness in education, emotional intelligence, and wellbeing. In order to help her take her career to the next level Dr. Wong approached me to help her create a modern website to help her connect with like-minded researchers. The website also allowed her to organize and advertise mindfulness lessons for parents and others who wanted to learn from her expertise. Click here to see the live site.

Conor Flynn

About Me

My name’s Conor and I’m a web designer living in Thailand. When I was in my twenties I was backpacking through Asia and something about the beautiful culture, Buddhism, and tropical climate just dragged me in. Once I met my beautiful wife I settled down and started a family here in the land of smiles.

Now I help others pursue their passions by helping them get the word out through beautiful websites and social networks to connect them with their ideal clients and customers.

As a newly opened attraction, Conor helped us create a fresh and successful Facebook Ad campaign that got a great click through rate! Afterwards, he helped us understand how ad campaigns worked so we felt empowered to run one on our own. Thanks for all of your help Conor!

Laura Bennett

Program Coordinator & Museum Educator, The Institute for American Indian Studies

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